Jayabheri Temple Tree is where you stop dreaming and start celebrating, every moment of the day. This master planned gated enclave is meant for dreamers who aspire for an enchanted living.
Plot No. 1, Jayabheri Enclave, Next to Botanical Gardens, Gachibowli Village
P.O. Box: 500 032
500 032
Temple Tree

Jayabheri Temple Tree is an eloquent tribute to natural elements. Here, vivid colors and vibrant seasons shine forth in its backdrop. Conceived and built by a visionary, Jayabheri Temple Tree is where you stop dreaming and start celebrating, every moment of the day. This master planned gated enclave is meant for dreamers who aspire for an enchanted living. After all, there are still a few people who appreciate the touch of poetic rendering in their home.

Experience the eloquence of space

Jayabheri Temple Tree welcomes you into an unfolding trail of experiential living. Every step is a revelation, and every square foot and yard is in unison with a grand picture. Explore its landscaped gardens, blooming flowers, shaded outdoors and warm indoors of your villa – all in a symphony that sweeps you off your feet. Through monsoon rains, autumns and winter sunrises, find the renewed vitality of Jayabheri Temple Tree, year after year.

Let the poetry unfold as you step into a charming environment at a prestigious location. A private haven where dreams turn into reality through design and planning. A dream that sustains your soul, nourishes the mind and lets you forget the world. Discover your world of eternal happiness.

Master plan

Exclusive features

  • 70 villas with 13 individual floor plans & elevations to choose from
  • Plot sizes range from 500 Sq. Yds to 1070 Sq. Yds
  • 4 / 5 BHK Villa areas range from 5090 Sft to 11120 Sft
  • Villas feature double height / Skylight area / Center courtyard
  • 2 / 3 Servant quarters per villa with attached toilets
  • 2 / 3 Covered car parking spaces per villa
  • Central air-conditioning with high side works done within the villas
  • 100% Generator backup
  • Solar panels for water heating & for basic power requirement in villas
  • Large windows / French doors

    Underground Walkable Tunnel for Services

    Usually all services like water lines, electrical & communication cables, sanitary lines, LPG lines are laid through ground by direct digging. This poses difficulty in maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Underground Walkable Tunnel offers following advantages:
    • Easy access to all services which are underground like water lines, sanitary pipes, LPG lines, electrical & communication cables
    • Gives an ample space for landscaping on the boundary of road
    • Easy addition/upgradation of any new services at any time
    • Visual identification of any leakages (water/sanitary etc) or cable faults
    • Easy maintenance and no need to dig roads for repairs
    • Will not disturb traffic on road (with manholes at the center of road), lawns/ greenery on footpaths during repair

    Innovative Air-conditioning System

    Temple Tree offers one of the most advanced and energy efficient ways to maintain ideal temperatures: District cooling system with thermal energy storage.
  • Some of the distinct features and advantages of this advanced cooling system include:
    • Chilled water flows through piping instead of Hot/Cold refrigerants and hence it’s safe
    • Any type of Indoor units are feasible. i.e., High wall, casettes, ducted units
    • Entire system need not be shutdown like VRV/VRF in case of any problem. Single unit can be shutdown easily without removing gas and refilling
    • Can easily be integrated with Home Automation system
    • Overall power consumption is low due to water cooled chillers
    • Chillers need not be operated during power shutdowns/peak hours (since tariff is higher during peak time), since stored thermal energy is used. Hence running cost is lower
    • Thermal energy is measured at entry point using BTU Meters
    • Maintenance is by the Society
    • Maintenance cost is less than half when compared with VRV/VRF

    Solar PV System for Uninterrupted Power

    Your habitat at Temple Tree comes equipped with solar PV system that leverages the sun’s energy to create free usable electricity for each unit.Key features of the solar PV system include:
    • Every villa planned with 2 KWP solar photo voltaic system to generate electricity
    • Storage battery for 2 hours
    • Generates around 200 units per month of free electricity
    • Export/Import feature for every villa, so that if it is unoccupied, it can still export and earn money
    • All TVs and Home theatres will have uninterrupted power supply and hence does not cause restart of Set top box/ Projector
    • All electrical gadgets in two rooms ( LED lights/ fans/ AC blower/ TV) in the villa can be operated continuously for around 5 hrs per day, even if there is no power



    Clubhouse Amenities

  • Heated swimming pool at basement with open-to-sky Lounge
  • Indoor party area for approximately 100 people
  • State-of-the-art Gymnasium
  • Spa & Saloon
  • Indoor Squash & Shuttle courts
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards / Pool tables
  • Outdoor Basketball & Tennis courts
  • Kids’ play area
  • Jogging trac
  • Visitors’ parking at basement for 50 cars approx.
  • Convenience store
  • Laundry facilities

    Project Highlights:

    • 15 meter green stretch on north and south sides to give the lung space
    • 4-Level Air-conditioned Clubhouse
    • Large format villas with Open terraces, Water bodies, Home theater
    • Elevator in each villa
    • Designer Landscaping

The clubhouse at Jayabheri Temple Tree draws the community as each resident indulges passionately. The body, mind and soul find their way to relax and rejuvenate at clubhouse. Jog within premises and head for gym for workout. Swim a few laps in crystal clear waters and laze on deck area. Evenings will illuminate with party times amid lively interaction. Play an indoor game with neighbor and update on community events. Life is wonderful once you relocate to Jayabheri Temple Tree.


Temple Tree Villas

East Facing

West Facing

East Facing

West Facing


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Delhi Public School - 3.5 Kms
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Financial District - 4 Kms
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